What's In My Bag

I usually like to go to the gym right after work, because then I won't have  to temp myself by going home and STAYING home, so I usually pack a gym bag and take it to work with me. Today I am going to give you a peak inside my gym bag to see my must haves!

Like I said before, new gym accessories or clothes are always a motivator for me to actually get in the gym! For Christmas I received a new gym bag and I love it! It's just the right size, not too big or too small, but just enough room to take what I need with me for the day. 

In todays bag I have my...

BKR Water Bottle: I've mentioned these before, and I'll mention them again, because I LOVE them. They come in so many different colors, they make you WANT to drink water, and they keep your water fresh. 

Cookies and Cream Quest Bar: This is my go to protein bar. Thats because it's made with all natural ingredients including whey isolate, they're high in fiber, low in carbs, and they taste like a dessert! These are perfect for me because they provide me with the protein that I need which is sometimes hard for me to get each day. I highly recommend these for anyone looking for a daily protein bar.  

PowerBeats2 Wireless In-Ear: These headphones are amazing and seriously make my workout experience (especially when running) so much easier. I used to use regular wired headphones that aren't in-ear, and they were always so distracting to me because they would fall out in the middle of my workout or run and throw me off. These in-ears can't fall out and the sound is amazing, and really helps me get in the zone and stay focused.

Kiehls Deodorant: This is the best deodorant ever! I've been using it for about 6 months now, and I am completely hooked. It's not like your normal deodorant and it doesn't work like your normal deodorant, it works even better! Its a cream and goes on like a lotion and completely prevents sweating and lasts all day. I put this on before each workout and it keeps me feeling fresh throughout.

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Hoodie: I wear this light weight hoodie while going to and from the gym, or while running outside. The funnel neck hood and thermal insulation provides all the warmth and comfort needed.

Nike Pro Classic Sports Bra: This sport bra is a classic and such a comfortable fit. It isn't too tight and doesn't make me feel like I can't take a deep breath while working out. It allows for lots of movement while providing the needed support. 

Nike Pro Training Tights (similar): Tights like these are always my go to when doing training. They fit tight, but comfortable at the same time, making you feel secure and locked in. 

Nike Gloves: These gloves are running gloves, but I also wear them while weight lifting. They work great for both, when running to prevent your hands from getting too cold, and when weightlifting to help prevent getting blisters. 

Nike Free Bionic Training Shoe: I wear these shoes when I do high intensity training. They give the feel of almost being barefoot, because they are super thin and lightweight, but provide just the right amount of support that I need. 

Nike Studio Wrap: I wear these when I am doing workouts that are usually done barefoot, like yoga and pilates. I wear these because they offer the freedom of movement and flexibility while giving me stability at the same time because of the small grips on the bottom of the wrap.