Throwback Thursday : 2014

A few weeks into 2015 and I'm reminiscing on 2014. Not that I would go back or change anything, but it was a great year. I literally got to live out some of my dreams. I went places I've dreamt of going and did things that I've dreamt of doing. It definately wasn't a perfect year, but I loved every moment of it, the good and the bad. No matter what it was, It was a year that I was able to learn and grow from, and Im thankful for that.

As I look back, I'm also remembering some of the great looks I got to wear, and I wanted to share with you some of my favorites. 

Disneyland :  JAC (coming soon)

Tower Tattoo : Vintage LV

Home : H&M

Disneyland : JAC

Disneyland : JCREW

Disneyland : JAC

Lake Powell :  Lolli Swim

Lake Powell: JAC Kimono 

Las Vegas : Urban Outfitters

Lake Powell : Lolli & UO

LA :  JCREW  / H&M


Sundays Best :  JAC (coming soon)


Waiting : JAC

Times Square : Marc Jacobs

Bryant Park : H&M

I'm so excited to see the places I go, people I meet, experiences I have, and clothes I wear this year!

Happy 2015!