Oribe Obsessed

Being a non natural blonde, it takes a lot of work to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy, and that means having to use quite a bit of products. I recently got introduced to Oribe, and this is a product that I have heard about for awhile now, by seeing it in high end magazines and behind the scenes of New York fashion week. Now that I have tried it, I have become OBSESSED. From how it smells to the way it works, this product is all around amazing. 

Here are some of my favorites that I use in my daily hair routine.

Washing: When I wash my hair I use the Gold Lust Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque. This always leaves my hair feeling extra hydrated and of course smelling great. Other than how well it works, the thing that sold me on the Gold Lust line was the fact that it has little gold shimmers in it to make it sparkle! 

Blow Dry Prep: Before I blow dry I prep my hair with the Gold Lust Nourishing Oil, to prepare it for heat and to help keep it from frizzing out.

For Volume: I am one to back comb when it comes to getting volume. Most products don't seem to work for me, until I was introduced to the Oribe Volumista Mist. This mist really work and does miracles to hair that doesn't have much volume to it. I spray it on my roots when my hair is damp, just before I begin to blow dry, and it never lets my hair down (literally).

Texture: Once I am finished blowdrying I like to use the Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine spray, to add some texture to my hair. I love this one because it doesn't leave my hair feeling stiff or looking matte. Its adds body and shine to it while allowing it to still look a little tousled. 

Final Touch: Once my hair is done and looking how I want, I always add Oribe Split End Seal   to my ends. This too is a miracle worker and is clinically proven to repair up to 94% of split ends after just one use. Its perfect for people like me who want color to their hair other than their natural color, but still want it to look healthy.

Between Washes: If you have colored hair, then you probably know that it is recommended that you wash your hair at most every 3 days if possible. Before I colored my hair blonde, I would wash it every single day, so that transition of not doing that anymore was super hard for me. I started using the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, because it absorbs oil at the roots and adds volume making it look as it you have completely fresh hair.

Stay Smelling Fresh: One of my favorite things about this line is the way it smells. No matter what you're using, it all smells the same! Along with many others, I have fallen in love with the smell, and love the fact that I can smell like this product whenever I want thanks to the Oribe Cote d'Azur Hair Refresher. It lightly scent hair with Oribe's signature scent, neutralizes odor, and cuts static. Its amazing.