Every October my husbands family goes camping. In fact, my husband has spent every single Birthday out there since he was born, and this year he celebrated his 27th! Though this was definitely an adjustment for me when we first got married (I was not a camper), I have definitely grown to love it. 

It rained almost every day while we were there (I didn't mind, because I LOVE the rain), but when it cleared up a bit, my husband and I took the opportunity to go shoot some pics of one of my favorite camping looks. 

When we were dating I would always wear his initial on a necklace, ring, whatever, and now that we're married, I still do! His name is Andrew, but he goes by Drew which explains the D on my bomber jacket. I had been wanting an olive colored bomber for a while, so when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. The other necessity I knew I needed to add to my camping wardrobe this year was a cute yet durable pair of boots. I searched and searched, and when I saw these perforated boots that Im wearing, I loved them. When I saw that they were made by Vans, I loved them even more! They are super comfortable and definitely served their purpose. I love that not only are they great for camping and outdoorsy type things, but can also be worn with a casual every day winter look. 


Happy Sunday!