Weekend Recap .002

This past weekend was Halloween weekend and it was definitely one to remember! My husband and I kicked it off by heading down to Vegas for the Kanye West Saint Pablo tour. The concert was on Saturday, but we arrived in Vegas on Friday afternoon. Vegas is always a good time, but this time was definitely one of my favorites, and the Kanye West concert was seriously SO amazing. For sure one of the best concerts I've ever been to. After only about 6 hours of sleep (the whole weekend) and swollen and blistered feet from walking in heels and dancing non-stop at the concert, we headed home on Sunday to make it back it time to have some Halloween fun with our friends like we always do! It was an exhausting weekend, but a fun and unforgettable one at that. 


Here are some pics I snapped on my phone from the weekend...

The rain made the desert drive enjoyable

Roaming around with my love.



Late night dinner after a fun night out.

Taking it all in. Amazing.

Lunch at one of Guy Fieri's restaurants!

Im no Pikachu, but he still caught me. 

Lou the hot dog

Lou the obsessed disney fan

I didn't get to Trick-or-Treat so I had to buy my candy. 

Happy Wednesday!