Sunday's Best : Fixed

This look was easy and effortless...and that's because it was Fixed. Stitch Fixed that is! I signed up for Stitch Fix which is a personal styling service. In this service, you fill out a profile which is your style profile, and then from there Stitch Fix takes your style into their own hands, and a before you know it, you'll receives a box of 5 items (clothing and accessories) on your door step that you can choose to keep if you love, or send back if you don't. In this look Im featuring this grey cardigan and gold cuff which I received in one of my Fixes, and knew I had to keep! 


To sign up and received you own Fix, just visit Stitch Fix, and start the fun! 

To hopefully receive this cardigan and cuff in one of your Fixes, just request the grey Evolution By Cyrus open cardigan with faux fur trim, and the gold Marlynn Schiff cuff!

For the rest...

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Enjoy, and be YOU just as you were created to be.

XO Jac

Photos by Sam Justice @heritageforever