T H U R S D A Y : Currently Carrying

Today Im sharing with you what's inside my every day go-to bag, which is my grey leather Zara backpack! I wanted a backpack to replace my purse for everyday use, but had the hardest time finding the perfect one until I stumbled upon this one while shopping around Zara in San Fransisco. It's stylish, easy, neutral colored, and not only perfect for everyday use, but travel as well. 

Here's whats inside...

MAGAZINE: I always carry a magazine in my backpack because whether Im traveling, on the treadmill at the gym, or waiting a little longer for an appointment than I thought I would, there always comes a time where I'm thankful I have one to read! 

MIRROR: I love that Sephora adds in a mirror with their gift cards! I have quite a few, and I like to keep on in all of my go-to bags, because they definitely come in handy when needing to touchup my makeup throughout the day. 

NOTEBOOK: As much as I love technology, I still enjoy writing things by hand because I seem to remember them better. I carry around this gold Christian Lacroix notebook just in case I ever need to jot down a reminder, a shopping list, an idea, or whatever! 

WALLET: Believe it or not, the black cosmetic looking bag is my wallet! I randomly found this gem while at target looking for a little card holder to take with me to a venue that wouldn't allow bags bigger than a certain size. The print and fabric of this gem instantly caught my eye, and once I looked inside and saw that it had all the components that a regular wallet has, plus extra space for all of my small necessities, I knew I had to have it. l wasn't able to link it below because it's for some reason no online. but this was a vert recent purchase, so you should be able to find it at your local Target!

PERFUME: Whenever I perfume shop, I try to make sure and get the rollerball version of my favorites to keep in my bag to be able to reapply and stay smelling good throughout the day. This specific one is Balenciaga B which is one of my favorites. With notes of Cedarwood heart, Lilly of the Valley, Cashmeran wood, and Violet green leaves, it's perfect for the Spring season.

CHAPSTICK: Doesn't everyone carry chapstick with them?? I always try and have a chapstick on me, and there are so many that I enjoy, but Im currently using this original chapstick brand which is a go-to for many, but my favorite from them is the Peppermint flavor. Unfortunately this is a seasonal flavor, so I have to try and make it last as long as I can! 

LIPSTICK: My look never feels complete without lipstick, so I always have some in my bag. I always like to have a red and a more neutral color, because I feel like either of those can go with just about any look. My go-to red at the moment is this Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by NARS. This has such a beautiful finish and really is both velvety and matte. It's not too red, nor too orange, it's the perfect everyday red. My current neutral go-to is Teeny Tiny by Colourpop. It's a neutral color, but still dark at the same time so it can instantly add a little edge to your look. 

SETTING SPRAY: To keep my makeup last throughout the day, I carry this Make Up Forever Mist & Fix setting spray with me, and I spritz some on throughout the day when I feel like needing a refresher, or if my makeup starts to look oily. This product helps hydrate your skin without giving you an oily look, which is always a plus!