Sunday's Best : Life with Louis

Today was all about enjoying the weather with the newest little member of our family Louis (loo-ee), the 2 pound teacup Chihuahua that we rescued from the SPCA! I never thought I'd be an owner of a chihuahua, but when I saw this little thing and heard her story, she stole our hearts! She also stole a little space in my LV speedy, which I don't mind, because that means she'll be going everywhere with me! To do a little print mixing, I paired it with the super comfy plaid print romper from Zara. This is a great piece that can be dressed up or worn more causally. Today I worn it casually with these cognac colored slip-on's from Old Navy which is one of my favroite places to purchase easy every-day shoes that  pair with just about anything. 

Zara Romper PicNic 3.jpg

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Happy Sunday!