What's In My Bag : Gym Bag Essentials

I've shared this before, but I've switched things up a bit, so I wanted to share my current gym bag necessities. I'm a firm believer in having a bag full of necessities, because for me, not only are having these things motivators to get up and get moving, but they really do help me be a better me in some way or another. 

1. Faux Leather Zara Backpack: I have this backpack in grey, and loved it so much, I knew I had to have one in black. Having two, I decided to use one for gym, so I chose the black, and it's perfect for just that, because it's easy to carry, and fits perfectly in the locker! (this specific backpack is no longer available, but shop similar here)

2. Box Water: I don't always have box water in my gym bag, but this has been my water of choice lately. It's actually pretty good if I do say so myself! I'm one of those "weirdos" who can tell the different tastes when it comes to water, and this is one I like the taste of. 

3. Starbucks Instant Cool Lime Refresher: Drinking a lot of water doesn't come naturally to me, so I always like to carry a water enhancer of some sort to add to my water, because I've noticed I'll drink a lot more if it has some flavor to it. 

4. Apple Watch: I don't always carry this is my gym bag of course, because I wear it almost always, but it is definitely a gym necessities for me, because I love how accurate it is when it comes to counting the amount or calories I've burned, or miles I've gone. 

5. Oh Yeah One Protein Bar in Birthday Cake: My husband recently got me hooked on these, and Im so glad that he did! This is by far my favorite protein bar, because it doesn't have a really strong protein taste to it, and it's super close to the flavor that it says it is, which in this case is Birthday cake, which is yum!

6. Nirvana White Dry Shampoo: I've been a fan of this perfume since it was first released. I love that they now have dry shampoo, because not only does the smell last and smell amazing, but it really does take away that greasy look from my hair, and is the perfect refresher when Im in a rush and not able to wash my hair after the gym.

7. Nirvana Black Roll On Perfume: Roll-on perfumes are perfect for a gym bag, because they don't take up a lot of space, and they so easy to just roll on when in a rush, or wanting an extra refreshment. The Nirvana white and black perfumes were made to be mixed if desired, so since I use the Nirvana White in dry shampoo, I keep the Nirvana Black perfume in my bag to get a mix of both! 

8. Mario Badescu Facial Spray: I love this stuff, and I use it to give my face a refreshing sprints after a work out. This formula of rosewater mixed with other herbal extracts gives my skin extra hydration and a little pick me up. 

9. Dove Advanced Care: This is an obvious must-have for every gym bag, and I often switch up what kind/brand I use often, because after using the same kind of product for too long, your skin can get use to it and make it no longer affective as it was at first, so switch it up!

10. Beats By Dre Wireless Headphones: These are the best, because not only are they great quality, but they fact that they are wireless is everything. I love that I can sync them up with my watch, and do on runs without my phone if I wanted. Other than that, they're just awesome because they never get in my way no matter what kind of workout Im doing, and I never have to worry about them falling out of my ears. 

11. Versa Grips: These are a must-have when lifting weights, whether you're pushing or pulling, these are super helpful and keep your hands from blistering. They are like gloves, hooks, and lifting straps all in one!

Thanks for reading! 

Happy Wednesday!