FRIDAY FIVE : Favorite Kate Somerville Products

Lately I've been having withdrawals of my recent trip to Kate Somerville's skincare clinic in LA. It was seriously one of the best experiences ever, and exactly where I wanted to spend the morning of my 25th Birthday. The experience at her skin clinic was amazing from the moment I walked into that beautiful black door above Alfreds Coffee on Melrose, to the second I walked out. The building was absolutely beautiful, and the staff was so friendly and welcoming. I got a facial by one of the best aestheticians there named Kimberly, and she definitely played a huge part in making the whole experience amazing. She was so sweet and knowledgeable when it came to skincare.  Along with the facial, I got a red light treatment which was something definitely new to me, but now that I've done it, I can't wait to do it again. If you've never heard of the LightStim Red Facial, it's a super bright light (seriously so bright it's shocking at first, even with super strong goggles on) that is a combination of advanced red and infrared lights which helps increase circulation, and reduce inflammation. Not only that, but it stimulated collagen and leaves your skin with a healthy glow. I left the clinic with a glow, a smile on my face, and a bag full of product, which I've been obsessed with for years! So today, Im sharing my five current favorite products from Kate Somerville


1. Gentle Daily Wash : I started using this when I was in high school and experiencing break outs for the first time. I was desperate, and knew I needed something that would help me, and really work! My dad gifted this to me, and I was so excited. I started using it, and my face started to clear up! I was instantly hooked and have been ever since. The formula of this cleanser is so gentle and perfect for sensitive skin which is what I have. It removes makeup so easily, and along with that, leaves my skin feeling so fresh and actually cleansed, unlike some other face washes I have used in that past that just feel like they're getting the makeup off and that's it.

2. Exfolikate : I always look forward to Wednesday mornings, because that is when I use this product. Why? Because it's only supposed to be used due to how effective just one-time use of it is. This intensifying exfoliating treatment leaves my skin feeling like I just walked out of those beautiful black door and down the spiral staircase at Kate's Skin clinic. It truly rids my skin if anything not needed, and leaving my face smooth and glowing. Im obsessed. 

3. Nourish Daily Moisturizer : I know I've been saying that all Kate Somerville products are amazing (because they are), but this moisturizer is seriously hands down, the BEST moisturizer that I have ever used. Not only does it have a hint of lavender smell to it, but it completely hydrates my face after getting out of the shower when it feels super cry, or washing my face. I love it because I know I'm not only getting the hydration that I need but due to its botanicals, I know that it's increasing the elasticity of my skin as well, which is always a plus!

4. Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye BalmWhen my dad gifted me with the gentle cleanser as I mentioned earlier, he also added the Goat Milk Cream with it. I don't like milk as it is, so to put something that was not only milk but goat's milk on my face caused me to have a little hesitation. However, like I said, I was desperate, so I was willing to try whatever. I tried it and LOVED it. It doesn't smell bad and it definitely gave my face the hydration that it was missing. Im one who loves salty things, so I tend to wake up the next morning with puffy eyes, especially if it's an early wake-up. So when I saw that Kate released this de-puffing cream, I knew I had to have it. Not only does it de-puff the eyes, but it reduces the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. My favorite part about this product is that it cools on contact, which is an extra little wake-me-up! 

5: Age Arrest Eye Cream : When I turned 21, I become obsessed with eye creams, because I know how sensitive the under eye area is, and even though I didn't yet have fine lines, Im all about early prevention. Kate's Age Arrest Cream is great for all ages. It has this light scattering compound in it, which instantly disguises the look of under eye circles, along with a light-reflecting diamond powder which brightens the under eye area. It's like a highlighter/concealer that is light, and helping yoru skin! Yay!


I can't wait for my next visit to Kate's clinic! Thank you to Kate and her team for making me feel so special and taken care of on my birthday.!