Weekend Recap .004

Like I said in Fridays post, I plan on visiting my favorite place and the happiest place on earth (DISNEYLAND) a lot this year. This past weekend was the kick off to the many visits I have planned for the year, and it was so much fun! We didn't let the rain stop us, instead, we added a hat(a DIY), a super cute bubble umbrella and some rain boots! I love the rain and I love Disneyland, so Im sure you can guess that I was one happy wife that day. The best part of the day was getting to have fun with my husband taking pictures to add to our memory books, and walking onto every ride we wanted. The rest of the weekend consisted of shopping, visiting with family, church, gym, prepping for the week ahead, and just some relaxation. Here's a quick preview of some of my favorite parts, and some snaps from Disneyland!

Hope you had an awesome weekend! Happy Monday!