How To Style : Business Casual Wear

An Oversized Blazer as a Dress


Not only does an oversized blazer give you multiple outfit options, if oversized enough, it makes a great dress to switch things up a bit. I chose this olive colored plaid one for fall and wore a simple slip dress under it. I completed this fun twist on a business casual look by adding my sparkly ankle booties which are surprisingly very on trend this season!

Tip: Get a blazer that buttons close to the bottom to give it more a of a dress feel. If it doesn't have a fun one added!

A T-Shirt with Trousers


This is probably one of the easier business casual looks to achieve. If you have a job, you most likely have a pair of trousers, and I'm sure you have a tee, so you're all set! Trousers automatically dress up a tee and a tee brings more of a casual vibe to trousers. Keep the tee fun, professional (not wrinkled), and classy. The jewels on this tee bring a little glam and "dress" to this look which makes it work for a business casual piece. You could even layer on a blazer to make it a bit more work-ready if needed. I would suggest to always complete a look like this with heels, especially if you're really headed to work. 

All Black 


All black is always a great go-to, so I of course had to add this in as an option. The thing that makes this specific look a more casual vibe is the fun detailing of the hem of this black oversized dress shirt. It's oversized, peplum, and perfect for the office or happy hour.

A Matching Set With Sneakers


 This specific looks is my personal favorite. I love matching set as it is, but once I realized how well my white converse paired with them, I loved it even more. Sneakers are a casual item that we most likely all have and they can put the casual in business casual when worn with a suit, a structured dress, a skirt and blouse, or whatever you are wearing to work that day! 

Tip: Keep the sneakers fashionable. That's what will make them work appropriate for a business casual setting. 

What look is your favorite??