I Got It From My Momma

When I was little, I remember sitting in my moms closet while she would get ready in the morning. I admired the way she did her makeup, and the clothes she wore. When I got older, and into my teen years, I thought I had found my style and that I didn't really need my moms advice when it came to clothes. I would look at old pictures of her and laugh at how high she wore her jeans and thought it was so funny that she wore Levi's and not high-end designers jeans like I was obsessed with at the time. Now years later, I find myself calling my mom and grandma asking them is they by any chance still have those high waist distressed Levi jeans that I use to laugh at them for wearing! Sadly they no longer have them, and all three of us are left wishing they did. I have however purchased a pair of my own 501's and I am OBSESSED. Regardless of what trends come and go, I plan on keeping these for as long as I can...just in case one day I have a daughter that looks back at these pictures, laughs, and then realize she wants them. Ha! I guess we'll see! 

Aside from the way they fit, one of the reasons I am so obsessed with my Levi's is the fact that they go with just about anything. I have worn them so many times in so many different ways. Out on a date night, running errands, work, you name it! Feeling inspired by my grandma and mom, I wanted to show a few of the ways I styled mom jeans, to hopefully inspire you to wear some yourself! 

Look 1 Details: Tee, Jeans, Shoes, clutch (similar

With high waisted jeans, a T-shirt (this one is only $9.99) is always the perfect go-to when right for the occasion. I've always loved a classic striped tee, so that's what I went with first. When wearing high waisted jeans, I always love to tuck in my Tee (pricey but SO cute), because it adds extra style and shape to the look. I of course wanted to add more this this simple looks so I added a pop of color with a red clutch, and did a little print mixing with my new fave sandals. The straps on can be changed to pretty much whatever you want, so I am super excited to play with even more looks.

Look 2 Details: Sueded Crop Top, Jeans, Boots (similar)

Look 3 Details: Off The Shoulder Top, Jeans (similar), Shoes

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Happy Mothers Day!