Why I love Velvet

There are many reasons as to why I will always keep velvet pieces apart of my wardrobe, but one of my current favorite reasons is because of its versatility. Im in a "dessert" setting, wearing green velvet heels while it is 100 degrees out, and it still works! I bought these velvet heels when the weather was still cold out, and the purchase of a velvet piece was obvious. I have since then worn these heels multiple times throughout both spring and summer, and am already thinking of the looks I am going pair these with for fall. Unlike wool (which is another fall/winter staple), velvet is a fabric that can be taken from season to season. Whether it be a velvet cami, headband, or heels like I'm wearing, take velvet with you through all season. It's a classic that isn;t going anywhere anytime soon. No matter the season. 

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