Tuesday 10 : Tips for Traveling

Tips For Traveling

1. Before you book your flight, check the hopper app. This can help save you up to 40% on your flight! You just put in where you want to go, and it'll show you the current prices, but you can also set up alerts to see when the prices drop and the best time to book. 

2. Don't over pack! There have been so many times where I have over packed, and my suitcase is over the weight limit. I end up having to open up my suitcase in front of everyone at the check-in and putting as much as I possibly can into my carry on and my husband's suit case. It's the worst. To prevent from over packing, I plan out all my looks on paper, then I try them all on to make sure they actually work, then I take pics in all of them. From there I pack all my clothes into these pouches that I found on Amazon which pretty much compresse my clothes, giving me an organized suitcase and more room!   

3. Check in online. You probably have a smartphone, so do yourself a favor and check yourself in online and even pay for your bags. It makes the whole process that much faster and easier.

4. No matter what you wear, make sure your shoes are easy to take on and off! That TSA process is a stressful and fast one, so easy on and easy off shoes are always the way to go. No one has time for laces! 

5. Have all your documents in one place and easily accessible. In the past, I always had my phone, wallet, passport, and whatever else I needed all separate and not only was it a hassle, but I was always feeling like I was about to lose something! Now I have a wallet that carries all that I need, which I also purchased from Amazon. It has so many slots and it's the only thing I had to carry while checking in, and when I'm done I can easily just toss it into my bag. This wallet is only $12 and comes in SO many different colors.

6. Sign up for Sky Miles through whatever airline you're flying. I have been flying with Delta a lot lately, and though I'm not a frequent flyer, I'm signed up for their Sky Miles plan, because why not?? My first few flights I ignored the offer, but then once I started traveling more I wished I would have signed up sooner because I can totally use those points later down the road. 

7. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Like I said above, I recently flew with Delta, and during my flight, I got really cold, and the only headphones I had with me were Bluetooth, so I wasn't able to watch the on flight movies. With no blanket or headphones, I decided to ask the flight attendant, if they by any chance had any, and they brought me a fresh blanket and headphones, both brand new and unopened! 

8. Take Wellness Formula. As gross as it tastes, it's worth it! There are so many people on a flight, and so many germs trapped in that tube you're all flying in the air in. Keep your immune system strong with this gross, but again worth it stuff. 

9.  Hydrate your skin and lips. Again, being in an airplane can be really irritating to your skin, so just keep it hydrated with a facial spray like this one, or even a sheet mask if you're not wearing any makeup. 

10. Take time to enjoy your flight and do things that you wouldn't get to do on land. I know for me, I use this as an excuse to finally read that book I've been wanting to read. Or to finally organize and delete the photos on my phone or computer. You don't have much else to do up there, so why not?

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