5 Trends To Try Before Summer Ends

Happy Friday! 

It feels weird, to be back behind my computer creating blog content again, but weird in the best way ever. I'm excited to be back! I wanted to start with what I know best, and that is T R E N D S. I've always been a super trendy person, and though that's not always the best thing, I personally feel like it makes life and getting dressed more fun. I love trying to find ways to style trends or the rush of finding something that everyone wants or even finding dupes for high-end trends. With that being said - I wanted to share 5 trends to try before summer ends. 

1. Vintage Inspired Whites

This is a trend that I've seen so many people pull off and look great in! White is a must for summer, but the cut and details of these vintage-inspired whites make looks so much chicer and on-trend. They look great with trousers, jeans, skirts, and pretty much anything, plus it makes your summer tan really pop. 


2. Polka Dots

This is a trend that I've already tried multiple times because it's one that I'm loving! I use to not really like polka dots unless it was in my Kate Spade agenda. They were always a little too preppy for me, but now I realize that it's because of how they were styled. I love that polka dot print now has almost an edgy or vintage feel to it when styled right and on-trend. 

3. Micro Sunnies

I've yet to commit to this trend. I was super against it at first, and still don't like most styles, but the cat eye ones have grown on me! At first, they were a little too 90's for me, but again, when worn with the right look, I think I can definitely make them work with me and my style. If you're wanting to add some trendiness to your look, this is an easy way to do so, and it'll automatically make your instagram selfie chic. 

4. Dad Sneakers

This is another trend that I've yet to try. It's still not one of my favorites, but again, like the sunnies, it's starting to grow on me. This is definitely a trend that I think is one worth trying, but not investing in because it's not one that I think will last. They're definitely a statement piece and one that will come and go, so to help you out, I've linked some less expensive options below. 

5. Midi Dress

This is probably the easiest trend to try, because it's a classic piece that can be styled so many different ways. A midi front button dress can be worn as is with fun sandals and cute sunnies, to work with a blazer and heels, on a super casual day layered over a t-shirt and complete with tennis shoes. The best thing is that this trend is so easy to get your hands on and in so many different prices. If you want to buy lots, then keep it cheap, but if you want a really nice one that you can get lots of wear out of, then feel free to invest. This is something that you can take into fall with you as well, so you'll get your moneys worth. 

What trend is your favorite? Which one do you want help styling??

Let me know!