Rainy Day In CA

IMG_7270 2.JPG

It’s no surprise that I LOVE a rainy day. It’s not that I love hanging out in the rain, but I love grey skies and cool weather. I love the sound of it and the mood it puts me it. Plus, my husband knows the perfect music to play on a rainy day which makes me love it even more! Living is CA, we don’t get rain or cold weather too much, so sometimes it’s hard to have the right wardrobe when those days show up.

I posted these pictures on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to share the details of my look on here, because I checked the weather and it looks like there are rainy days ahead for us Californians! This look is super simple, but definitely did the job. The black knit turtleneck kept me warm enough, the white jeans brighten up my look a bit, and the boots and cute clear umbrella kept me dry!


Love Jac