My Current Workout Situation


I’m not someone that is obsessed with working out, but I am someone who definitely enjoys the disciplined feeling of working out, and the results of course! I’ve tried lots of different types of workouts, but I feel like the ones that I usually enjoy most are HIIT workouts. Even though the jump squats suck, and the burpees are the worst, I feel like I see the best results and feel the best mentally when I’m doing HIIT training.

Recently, I’ve been dealing with some health things that have caused me to have to stop HIIT workouts to see if that would make me feel better and cause the inflammation in my back to calm down. At first I thought I didn’t care, and was excited to have an excuse not to have to do burpees or jump squats for a little, but after a couple of yoga sessions, I quickly realized how much I missed the more intense workouts. Though I haven’t yet been able to return to my HIIT workouts, it has been nice exploring other kinds of low impact workouts, like Barre! I recently started doing Barre classes at home and I was really enjoying them, however after a couple of weeks, my body started to have bad flare ups again. I’m not 100% sure what’s going on inside of my body that is making it so hard and painful to workout, but I’m believing for complete restoration to be able to do what I love to do, and to feel good!

Cute workout clothes have always been a motivation for me to get up and workout. As someone who loves clothes - I can’t help it! So when Phat Buddha reached out to me and offered to send me an outfit, I have to be honest - I was a little discouraged at first, because I knew I couldn’t really workout, and I dont look how I prefer to look when it comes to wearing tight leggings and a crop top lol. But then I thought “as much as I love how a intense workout makes me feel, I also know how great I feel in a cute workout look, so why not!” The cool thing about this sparkly set is that it’s encouraged me to get out of the house and take long walks with Lou! As funny as that may sound, I’m thankful because I was starting to get really down about the fact that ANY kind of workout was hurting me, so being able to get out, walk, and look cute, has been a nice and uplifting change that I’m embracing.



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What’s your favorite kind of workout? Any suggestions of low impact things that I could try?

Comment below and let me know:)