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I recently asked on Instagram what you need help styling. I got A LOT of responses which, but the most popular response definitely had to do with workwear. Now, I work from home which means I don’t really have to wear a business casual look very often. Every now and then I’ll have meetings to go to that require it, but that’s very rare which is why you never see my posting work #ootd’s. I love a business casual look though, so I was so excited to hear that this is what a lot of you need help with because it meant I got to search the web and style some looks that I would love to wear if I worked an office job, and that I think will help bring some classy trend to your work wardrobe as well.

While putting this together, I made sure to include staple pieces that I think are important have in your work wardrobe, but I also made sure to throw some trendiness in there because staying on-trend yet keeping it classy if what will keep your from getting bored with your workwear, and it’ll be easier to take your looks from desk-to-dinner.


First: A blazer is a must. You can keep it classic with black, add a pop of color, and always have a printed one to bring some trend and diversity.

Printed Blazer | Colored Blazer | Black Blazer


Next: A white top. Of course, you can wear lots of different colors when it comes to tops, but I think one of the most important tops to have is a white top. Not just, but a sweater, a T-shirt, and a classic button up. Offices are usually cold which is why the sweater is a must, plus it’ll look super cute layered over a collared blouse! A T-shirt is a must no matter what kind of wardrobe were talking about, however I love this bodysuit tee because it’s meant to be tucked in (obviously) which is definitely more appropriate for work and nice way to wear a tee to the office. The button you can NEVER go wrong with, no matter what your job is. Wear it untucked and layered under a blazer, wear it tucked into a pencil skirt, wear it french tucked into a pair of jeans, the ways are endless which is what makes this a definite must.

Sweater | Tucked in Tee | Button Up


Of course, you need pants. You probably already have a pair of black or tan colored pants which is why I didn’t add them to the lineup (if you don’t have any, you should definitely get some), but I did start by adding a pair of black pants with a tuxedo stripe. The tuxedo stripe is very on-trend and a nice way to add some style to your classic work look. For those of you who struggle with stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new trends, this is a great piece to start with. Next, color. Switch things up from the classic neutral colors by bringing some colored pants into your work week! Last, put some print on it. Plaid print is such a classic, yet happens to also be on trend when it comes to work pants, so a chic pair of plaid print trousers, is a great way to show off your classy yet stylish side when headed to work.

Tuxedo Pants | Colors Pants | Printed Pants


Sometimes wearing a skirt to work is fun, especially for those of you who usually stick to pants or dresses. Plus, they’re a great way to get a little more dressed up, but not too much, because you can easily keep the top more casual. A midi = a must because it’s definitely work appropriate without a doubt. The length is great, and the fit is usually more loose, so you don’t have to question if it’s too tight for the office. A pencil skirt is a classic, and one that I think easily gets forgotten or overlooked, unless you’re a lawyer or someone who has to look very professional in their workplace. A printed and more knitted pencil skirt is a a more casual option when wanting to try a pencil skirt and will pair well with just about any kind of top whether it’s a tee, a blouse, or a sweater. Lastly, if your workplace is on the more casual side, a denim skirt is a cool piece to add to your work look. Just make sure to dress it up with a nice blouse and blazer, or a chic sweater,and of course a cute pair of dress shoes.

Midi Skirt | Pencil Skirt | Denim Skirt


A Dress: A piece you can get lots of wear out of when it comes to a business casual look. Get trendy with a belted shirt dress, keep it simple, with a colored shift dress, or have a little fun with a printed dress. The ways to accessorize dresses like these are also endless, which make these another must.

Belted Dress | Shift Dress | Printed Dress


Jeans: White, black, and classic denim are all great go-to’s for those of you who can wear jeans to work! I would avoid distressing, or too skinny of a fit. When it comes to work-wear, straight fit and high waisted is my favorite, because it almost gives off the vibe of a straight fit trouser.

White Jeans | Black Jeans | Denim Jeans


Bags: When it comes to a work bag, you’ll most likely want to go for more of a tote style bag and keep the color more neutral. I know that when I use to have to go to work, I liked to keep my bad not too cheap, but not too expensive either and that’s because I knew that I was going to be pretty rough on it with all the work stuff (laptop, planner, papers, etc.) that I’d have to hold in it.

Cognac | Black | Grey


Shoes: When it comes to your work wardrobe, shoes are a great area that you can have a little more with. A classic black pump will go with just about anything. A neutral colored yet chic finished block heel will show that you have style, and mule is more comfortable and on-trend option that you can’t go wrong with.  

Black Pump | Block Heel | Mule

how to style these pieces

( Just some ideas )

When shopping for wardrobe essentials, don’t be afraid to throw in some trends. They’re an essential too!

I hope these pieces inspired you, and get you excited to get dressed for work this week! Keep the questions coming! I look forward to answering more in the upcoming weeks.